I have not vanished . . . I've got something big cooking!

Just a note to let everyone know that I was, in fact, celebrating the Easter festival over the weekend; but I have not forgotten about our hungry friends in Bellairs land. In fact, I am—this very moment—cooking up something that has already been requested by several: Riefschneider’s Sauerbraten and Red Cabbage with the Works!

As you may know, Sauerbraten takes four days to make. I just started it, so Friday is D Day . . . short for Death by German food Day! Because I am not only making delicious, tender Sauerbraten with sweet and sour, beautiful red cabbage but I’m also going to whip up “the Works,” as Miss Eels demands. I’ll be putting together a traditional German relish tray with scrumptious crudities, salads and cheese spread, the must-have Liver Dumpling Soup (a staple of any German restaurant worth its schnitzel), pillowy dumplings with nutmeg and parsley, drippy, soppy gravy, and—of course—Apple Strudel. Not for the faint of heart, this gut buster is only for ravenous librarians and husky - sized children.

Look for the whole spread right here this weekend when I unveil the majesty of Riefschneider’s Sauerbraten & Red Cabbage with the Works!